Fierce Advocate is the voice of John Jay College. It is an edited publication developed and managed by the John Jay Marketing Department that aims to provide journalistic coverage of local and national issues important to the John Jay communityThe goal of Fierce Advocate is to create a safe and thoughtful online space to explore the thoughts, opinions, research, and expertise of John Jay students, faculty, staff, and alumni on contemporary and relevant news topics, and build meaningful dialogues on the issues we care about. It also serves as a central hub for any media content produced by the John Jay community.

What we accept:

Fierce Advocate is actively seeking submissions of blog posts, news articles, op-eds, feature stories, personal essays, photo essays, film and literary reviews, documentary videos, audio stories or podcasts, and other multimedia content.

FA follows rigorous journalistic standards.  All reported articles and news posts must be fact-checked and verified as accurate before publication. All opinion pieces will be labeled and categorized as such. The editors at FA encourage students to pitch ideas for stories before submitting finished pieces. Please send submissions and pitches as well as general feedback and suggestions via email to FierceAdvocate@jjay.cuny.edu. For more, visit our Submission Guidelines.


FA encourages readers to comment on stories and articles, and encourages writers to reply to comments and lead conversations on their stories. Comments will be monitored by the editors and should follow these guidelines:

  • Stay on topic – comments should be relevant to the subject of the story or article.
  • Please be polite and respect the views and opinions of others.
  • Ask questions to keep the conversation going.
  • Suggestions, feedback, and constructive criticism are encouraged. Constructive criticism is defined as criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions. Commenting that you don’t like a story without explaining why or offering ways to improve it is not constructive criticism. Such comments may be deleted depending on the nature of the comment.