A Perspective on the Shooting of Miosotis Familia

Police Car

By Steven Pacheco –

This happened not too far from where I live. I saw the cop cars flying to either the scene of the crime or the hospital. I’ve never seen police move out in that manner before. To me, the differences in their responses to different situations is very interesting to see up close and personal.

Nobody deserves what happened to this woman. Still, this is part of the cycle of oppression. When will we understand that people need to be restored? There is no “them versus us” if we truly hold the humanity of all people to the same standard. But we don’t. And so, this incident is partially a by-product of othering  – feeling as if you don’t belong.

This officer has left behind family, loved ones, and offspring that will have to grow up without a mother. In the same breath, I wonder what the man behind the trigger was facing in his journey and who he left behind. Those two things are connected and need to be recognized with compassion and some level of empathy. Imagine what life would look like for her had she not become a police officer.

The media has already begun to use this incident as an opportunity to further divide and marginalize communities that are already over-policed by ignoring the larger issues and focusing on this incident in a singular fashion. All I know is, if you always do what you’ve done, you’ll always get what you’ve gotten. Many people will say “Blue Lives Matter,” which I still cannot comprehend for a number of reasons. But these were two Black lives that we lost, divided by the power of the state and man-made poverty.

As much as I’m afflicted in this current moment, I can’t ignore this particular situation. Maybe because she’s Afro-Latina and it happened so close to where I live. I don’t know. RIP Miosotis Familia and Alexander Bonds.

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