One year after the most chaotic presidential transition

Donald Trump and Former President Obama sitting side by side

Heath Brown in The Hill: ‘Presidential transitions have always been the healthy protein between the amuse bouche of the campaign and decadent dessert of inaugural festivities. It’s not a meal without it but it’s rarely savored, either by the media or the public. One year out from the most chaotic presidential transition in recent history, we may need to rethink this culinary tradition. In 2016, the transition was as juicy as it was messy. From the immediate dismissal of the head of transition to numerous undisclosed meetings with foreign officials to ongoing lobbying by a transition official for an international client, what we had come to expect from Presidents Bush and Obama was not to be. This chaotic transition will likely spawn dozens of big-budget movies and scathing documentaries; past transitions have rarely gotten the attention of a handful of academic books.”

Click to read Brown’s op-ed in The Hill.

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