January Round Up: The Best of John Jay on the Internet

“They are taking literally everything away from us.”

Ismary Calderon on why she and several other students went to DC to call for a government shutdown on NBC News. Similarly, Fairooz Haider shares what it’s like to be an undocumented student in the midst of the termination of DACA on Yahoo News.

Adam Berlin on Trump’s disconcerting good behavior in Newsmax: “In a novel, if a character acts “out of character” the reader will recognize something’s off. In real life, if a person acts out of character, something’s usually up.”

Milton Allimadi on misconceptions of Africa in The New York Daily News: “As a Ugandan immigrant, I wasn’t surprised by President Trump’s reference to Haiti and African countries as “shitholes.”

Gloria J. Browne-Marshall on Husted v. Harmon in The Amsterdam News: “When Larry Harmon tried to vote in 2015, he discovered his name had been purged from the voting records.”

Eli Silverman is quoted on the tricky task of selecting a police chief in the Los Angeles Times.

Jeffrey Butts explains the link between social media and violence to the New York Times. He’s also quoted on the benefits of keeping juvenile offenders “close to home” on WNYC. He provides insight on growing up with gun violence in the Daily News. And he cast doubts on Governor Walker’s prison transfer plans on Wisconsin Public Radio.

Erin Thompson speaks about the highly popular Guantanamo art exhibit on NPR.

David Shapiro provides insight on the Russia probe in CNBC. Daniel Feldman also chimes in on Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein’s role in the investigation.

J. W. Mason comments on Germany’s lack of economic growth in The Week. He also shares thoughts on the US economy and the new corporate tax cut for CNN Money.

Phil Goff explains the decrease in Camden’s homicide rate in CityLab.

Jonathan Jacobs weighs in on Larry Nassar’s lengthy sentence in Huffington Post.

Christian Parenti talks about climate change on AlterNet’s podcast Left Out.

Patricia Zapf talks to the University of Alabama about what it’s like to spend a Semester at Sea.

Glenn Corbett is quoted on standpipes and why you absolutely can’t sit on them for the New York Times.

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