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Book Review: The End of Policing by Alex Vitale

By Peter J. Mancuso – The End of Policing is one of the most important works on American criminal justice that I have encountered in nearly fifty years of dedication to the subject both professionally and…

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Book Review: How All Politics Became Reproductive Politics by Laura Briggs

By Tannuja Rozario – At the heart of How All Politics Became Reproductive Politics by Laura Briggs is the question: is there an outside to reproductive politics? Briggs contends that at the center of the laws and…

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DOJ is Blinding the Police & Justice Reform Advocates with Latest Uniform Crime Report

By Peter J. Mancuso – Claiming that not enough persons were accessing its crime data, the Sessions-headed Department of Justice (DOJ) recently perpetrated a simple but bizarre act of willful administrative omission that dealt a…

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