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The Impossible Election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

By Susan Kang as seen in Verso DSA member and campaign volunteer Susan Kang explains how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat the Queens Machine. I first met Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in August 2017, at a picnic for the…

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How to deal with police overtime problem, at least temporarily

By Joseph Giacalone in The Baltimore Sun.  “The Baltimore Sun reported that 42 percent of the Baltimore Police Department was on overtime last month (“As many as 42 percent of Baltimore police officers on patrol last month were working overtime,”…

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NYCHA Decree an Opportunity to Awaken Potent Political Force

By Leigh Graham in Gotham Gazette “In 2014, in an interview about living conditions in public housing since Superstorm Sandy devastated the Rockaways, a tenant leader lamented, “…we were on the steps of City Hall today….

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What should immigration policy look like? JJC faculty discuss

Isabel Martinez, Dan Stageman, Jamie Longazel – In September, Donald Trump tried to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and asked Congress to create a permanent solution which has not yet emerged, throwing…

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Immigration Policy from the Obama and Trump Era: What Has (and Has Not) Changed?

By Phil Kretsedemas and David C. Brotherton – The following is an edited excerpt from the introduction to “Immigration Policy in the Age of Punishment,” which was published earlier this year by Columbia University Press –…

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April Round Up: The Best of John Jay on the Internet

“It’s a scholarship that is going to make Abby live forever in the real lives of these young people that find out about this,” Pauley Parrette says, on the creation of a John Jay scholarship for…

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Can Corporate Hotlines be the Answer to the #MeToo Movement?

By Chelsea Binns – In the last five months, according to a New York Times report, 71 high-profile men have been accused of sexual harassment in the workplace. Many of these incidents actually occurred years…

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When will the Trump transition end?

Heath Brown in The Hill – “Figuring out the end of the transition period for a new administration has always been a puzzle to political scientists. Since 1937 and the ratification of the 20th amendment…

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The Botch of the Human Body

Nathan H. Lents in the Wall Street Journal: “Over the past decade, geneticists and biologists have learned more about our evolution than we ever thought possible. Not all of it is pretty. For example, the…

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The Girl on the Velvet Swing

The following is from Simon Baatz’s The Girl on the Velvet Swing. In 1901, Evelyn Nesbit, sixteen, a chorus girl in the musical Florodora, met the architect, Stanford White, after moving to New York.  They spent many evenings together,…

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