Podcasts produced by John Jay faculty and students.

This World of Humans

Hosted by biology professor Nathan Lents and produced by Sam Anderson (co-editor of Fierce Advocate), This World of Humans is a science podcast dedicated to recent advances in biology and social science. It asks the fundamental question, “Why are we the way we are?” This podcast is a collaboration with Visionlearning and includes resources to aid science instructors in using this podcast and its featured science in their classrooms. Visit for these educator guides. Also available on iTunes.

Indoor Voices

Two CUNY librarians, Kathleen Collins and Steven Ovdia, find people from all around the university who like to talk – about their work, their play, or the connection therein – and interview them.

Life Out Loud

Produced by jointly by English professor Christen Madrazo and her students, Life Out Loud is a literary nonfiction podcast series that features real students’ stories. The project aims to diversify the perspectives typically shared in the creative non-fiction genre, and amplify those voices through artful truth-telling. It’s also available on iTunes.

A Good Run

Daniel Feldman, a professor of public management, shares personal stories and experiences from his time as a New York State legislator between 1981 and 1998 including revealing encounters between Feldman and such legendary New York political figures as Ed Koch, Mario Cuomo, and John Lindsay.

New Books in Political Science

Hosted by assistant professor of public policy Heath Brown, this podcast includes interviews with social scientists about their new books.

Quality Policing Podcast

Co-hosted by Peter Moskos, an associate professor in the Department of Law, Police Science, and Criminal Justice Administration and Nick Selby, a Texas police detective and writer, this podcast brings a reasoned and informed perspective to discussions about policing. Quality Policing seeks to engage in meaningful and respectfully opinionated discussion among its hosts and with stakeholders including cops, judges, attorneys, and activists.